Understand about the price variation of cooking gas

A major concern for the pockets of Brazilians in the days current is the price of cooking gas. In 2019 alone, the LPG (liquefied gas of oil) had five price variations, four increases and one adjustment.

According to a survey by the Brazilian Institute Geography and Statistics (IBGE), also disclosed in the last year, the variation of the bottle’s price has affected the way food is prepared. The analysis shows that more than 3 million Brazilians have chosen to use firewood or coal for cooking, rather than the cooking gas.

One of the reasons for the increase in the bottle, according to experts, is the change in Petrobras’ pricing policy, which leaves the oil market freer. In this way, petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and gas depend on the price balance of the international market. Thus, the currency devalues compared to the international price, which affects the directly in the value of the gas cylinder.


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