Understand why Brazilians are badly seen and change their attitude!

by Daniel Toledo *

Much of the Brazilian population does not yet have the political culture of knowing how to discern and understand what the country really needs. We Brazilians still cling to campaign promises. This has been changing a bit, but thought is not yet collective, kind of what Brazil really needs?

And this way of seeing and living politics calls me to another subject: Brazilians traveling to the United States. The political representation of Brazil is bad and the Brazilian is harmed by it, but the American treats very well when we travel here to spend money, turn the economy, stay in hotels, enjoy and spend dollars.

Unfortunately, some people do not realize how harmful this is for those who come to the United States to work, build a new life better for the family, to structure themselves. So I suggest a short list of the main problems that I face with Brazilians and that you will often hear: flee from the Brazilians in the United States, do not stay close to the Brazilians, do not relate commercially to them!

Firstly, most Brazilians who move to the United States think they can do everything they did in Brazil, which is in his house. So you come here wanting to impose your limits instead of respecting the boundaries of the country. We have to move somewhere with humility, with the awareness of wanting to learn and to observe where we will fit into that circuit that is already working. Often this ends up pushing people away who would help and attract people who see in this Brazilian an opportunity to take advantage. Because people who would really do things from the heart, who would help, who would open doors, who would care about her, will go away, for feeling the disrespect of that person coming.

Another point is that the Brazilian comes to think that he is smart and that the Brazilian way will solve all things, but here it does not work like that. The American is totally opposed to that, he follows rules: may or may not. There's no more or less. Don't have the ' ah, let me see if I can find a solution to the problem '. If the problem here has no solution, solved is. If the solution is not written, more solved is still, because it does not seek nor the possibility of finding a possible answer in another circumstance, it does not think about it. The American is very direct in his decisions and his attitudes.

Usually when you move here you want a change in your life, not because your life in Brazil is crap, but because you want a different perspective, you want to give to your child, for example, a better living condition, you want to give to your family A different living condition. So, if you want something different, there is a different way, come from Brazil with a different consciousness, come from Brazil with a different posture, because otherwise you will get here and will take stoned of all that is side.

The Brazilian is a friendly, welcoming people, and some want to take advantage of it, but around here it definitely does not work. Living in the United States is very expensive, life is expensive, you earn very well, but you also spend a lot. You can structure here for sure, but also if you give a slip, you take a huge loss! It has happened to me many times, customers come here and after they have all the documentation ready, the person turns and talks: Look, a friend of mine appointed me another lawyer who is the cousin of sister's brother-in-law, and it gets boring if I don't do it with him. Or make up an excuse because you get someone who makes the procedure a lot cheaper. I don't argue. But in 99% of the cases, people come back with bigger problems.

So a tip is that if you find a partner who actually put on your shirt and go with you to the end, don't step on the ball with him, because maybe he's the only person who will help you by the time you get here. And another thing that is also a very recurring situation here in the United States are the relationships for interest. People look at you, think you have a slightly better knowledge, intellectual, or that you have a little extra money, it will rain friend to you. Friends out of interest. Brazilian friends who somehow have a limitation. Either they don't have the money they need to invest in their business and you do, or they don't have the intellectual capacity that you have. 1 million opportunities will appear. Beware of these opportunities, especially those that come from Brazilians, because Americans are embarrassed to make this kind of proposal.

That's why I always talk about humility. When you come here, remember one thing: The Brazilian grows up listening to "We are the country of the future, we have a huge natural wealth". Truth! But for those outside our country, it's not as important as we think. So when you're going to live out, get humble anywhere. We are the only country in the world that speaks Brazilian Portuguese, so we are no better than anyone else. We have a lot to learn. We have a lot of socializing to do. We have a lot to evolve. And with absolute certainty if you come with this head, you will learn many different things here in the United States, and you'll see how much the world can open up for you.

* Daniel Toledo is an expert lawyer in international law, managing partner of Loyalty Miami (www. Loyalty. Miami) and president of ABAC – American Brazilian Association of Commerce (www.abacmiami.com).


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