Union negotiates costly transaction contract with Petrobras

According to the Secretary of oil and gas of the Ministry of mines and energy, Márcio Félix, the federal Government should announce in the next few days to set up a Commission to discuss trading the costly transaction contract between Union and Petrobras, in order to define what value each need to pay.

The contract, signed in 2010, gave the State the right to produce 5 billion barrels in the pre-salt areas, having been paid at that time, the value of 42.5 billion dollars to the federal Government for the right to exploit. However, it is meant to be a renegotiation of this document.

In a statement, Petrobras said that he wants to tell in up to 30 2 estimates regarding the volume of recoverable oil and gas of the pre-salt areas relative to the contract. The State reported that there is a surplus volume to 5 billion barrels, which can be an opportunity for the conclusion of a new agreement with the Union related to the payment of the contract review process.

The day November 3, the PNA released estimates that there is a recoverable volume of oil and gas in the region of 6 billion to 15 billion boe, in addition to the 5 billion boe purchased by Petrobras. However, the State contests.

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