Union transfers to states fall after auction

The withdrawal of investors in the oil auction reduced the value of the collection and consequently decreased the transfers of the federal government to the states and municipalities. Before the dispute, it was announced that governments would receive R$ 400 billion in union resources in 15 years, then the volume ended up reduced by R$ 12.2 billion.

The plan was to raise enough to transfer R$ 23.9 billion to governors and mayors, but with the result of the event, the amount went to R$ 11.7 billion. The money coming from the onerous assignment still had greater importance, since it would enter the box immediately.

The Special Secretary of finance, Waldery Rodrigues, said that the expected percentages of 15% will be maintained for states and another 15% to the town halls. As the party reserved to pay off debts with Petrobras (R$ 34.2 billion) was maintained, distribution with states and municipalities becomes be smaller.