UNIBP opens technical knowledge and applied management program

The Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels-IBP reinforces its area of activity on the day 12/2, opening the calendar 2019 at the headquarters of the Institute with the culture rooted since its founding in 1957, three years after the creation of Petrobras. The partnership of IBP University with the Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) was presented specific to the specialization in oil, gas and renewable energy management, a program focused on technical knowledge and applied management, and the lecture "The future of the energy market", By Professor Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves of the FDC.

Karen Cubas, Manager of UNIBP, spoke of the DNA of the university that meets this demand for professional management of the P&G market inserted in Brazilian development, also presenting the CDI Documentation Center of the Instituto Hélio Beltrão, as one of the best Libraries in the country segment. After a brief presentation, Karen Cubas called Tatiana Goulart, CEO of FDC, to speak of the Partnership Foundation/UNIBP, which took more than a year of studies and meetings to consolidate the grid of postgraduate courses in a comprehensive format and, at the same time accessible and Short.

The event was consecrated with the Speaker Paulo Vicente, who with great wisdom and resourcefulness talked briefly and elucidatively about the subject that would take a workload in a university education. "The future of the energy market" has a simple example to radical changes, given by the teacher, after a series of informative information with infographics, the 3d metal printer, estimated price at 148,000 dollars, which should eliminate stocks of parts and other Capital goods, simply so that the company has the file of the scanned product.

Keeping the focus of the future of energy in the commodity oil, clean wind, solar sources, and mainly in the vision of those who invest more in research and new technologies, Paulo Vicente said that "to have notion of where we should guide us, one must observe who is at the tip of the investment. For this year, the U.S. government has requested US $92 billion targeted for investments in new technologies, research, and the U.S. Congress, released US $96 billion, "ratified the professor of Fundação Dom Cabral and one of the professors of the courses scheduled By the IBP University.


Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves graduated in public administration at FGV, with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from IME-Instituto Militar de Engenharia. He has taught at major universities such as Brown University, John Hopkins University, Kellogg, Saint Gallen, Schulich, Skolkovo, UT Dallas and Vlerick in joint programs with FDC. He currently works as a full professor at Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC).



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