Replicant of the Galp unit goes into production in the Santos basin

The Portuguese energy company, Galp, announced that went into production the first replicant unit (FPSO P-66) in the fields of Lula and Iracema in the Santos basin. The company also reported that this is the seventh unit to go into operation in the field of Squid/Iracema, in six years.

The P-66 should be linked to a total of ten producer wells and eight guns, lying approximately 290 kilometres from the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, anchored to a water depth of 2,150 meters.

In Brazil, where the Galp owns seven of the eight units in production, on the fields of Lula and Iracema, the entry into production of one more unit of output in Brazil-Lula North still in 2017.

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