Union will use natural gas to promote public policies


The document states that the government body establishing the marketing policy of oil and Union Gas. Only it was not detailed by CNPE which public policies that should be encouraged by the sale of natural gas.

The resolution establishes rules for Brazil to benefit from oil and gas extracted from fields that have the rules of the law of Brazilian production sharing. Only the field of Libra, in the pre-salt Santos Basin, is currently bid this way. The law of sharing makes companies working in the areas to pay the Brazilian government in the oil and gas exploration rights.

The marketing policy, according to the resolution, will be implemented by a transitional period lasting up to three years to ensure the Union a necessary experience to build a long-term model. The State Pre-Salt Oil S.A. (PPSA) should exercise all acts necessary for the management of contracts for the sale, according to the rules of private law.

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