UK gains world's largest wind farm

With an investment of about R $46.8 billion reais, Dogger Bank, the largest offshore wind farm in the world, will be developed by the Norwegian company Equinor and the British SSE Renewables. The two organizations have won an auction in the UK and will be able to produce the park.

The prediction is that the energetic generation capacity above the consumption of 4.5 million households, equivalent to 5% of the production of English electricity, informs Equinor.

In addition, the installation should generate cheaper energy than coal burning in the next 10 years. The auction took place last Friday (20) in the UK, where several wind projects were closed to 39.65 pounds per megawatt-hour, a cost of 31% below the value of another similar auction, which took place two years ago.

The director of Greenpeace in the UK approved the initiative. "What is now clearly defined is that the more wind we build at sea, the more our bills will fall," said John Sauven, director of Greenpeace on the coast of England.

This fact shows how offshore wind energy, previously considered one of the most expensive in the E&P branch, is changing its format and becoming more accessible and sustainable results. According to information from the Bloomberg Data company and technology, other major energy companies around the world plan to invest in this model up to 2030.

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