Even when we'll be divided between the "he yes" and the "he doesn't"

* Daniel Toledo

I confess that this battle of #elenão and #elesim sometimes makes me confused. After all, Who's your "he doesn't"? or "he does"?  It seems that people are afraid to speak that name that supposedly cannot be said.  What I see is a huge questioning of machismo.

Generally speaking, this is a Woman. I even saw Haddad's vice criticizing machismo and in a certain sentence she used the word feminism three Times. I get confused, machismo is forbidden, wrong, questioned, One thing that should be totally excluded from society, but radical feminism can?

I've always been in favor of equal Rights.  Ten years ago, when I won my son's definitive guard, I defended this posture without hypocrisy. I really don't think there's any difference between a man and a Woman. If it was 2000 years ago, when everything was the basis of physical strength, it would make a difference in a possible hunt, battle, where it was necessary to use sword, or heavy armor to defend a civilization, even Justified. But I think it's insane to have political differences, not just social.

Historically men went to war and most women did not participate in the battle and consequently did not know what was happening. So it was only they who decided on political issues, and even administrative Community. Which to me also doesn't justify why you need a balance.

But today, do you need a sword to decide anything? no, a pen Decides. or, often, An intellectual capacity, some study. Today women are active in universities, occupy high positions. I know that there is still this differentiation, the fruit of an absurd, underdeveloped culture, after all the woman is as capable as man, and the contrary too, and that both can manage a family alone, just as it did with Me. I administer the tasks of being a father, entrepreneur, professional and entrepreneur, without one thing compromising the Other.

When I split up, I stayed with our son because we came to an agreement, which doesn't mean that i, in that situation, was better or worse than his mother. so, personally, I don't believe that story. Those who question machismo, as well as those who question feminism or homosexuality, are so biased or more than that they are eventually only external to their political will or willingness.

unfortunately, What I notice today is that people are very engaged in a personal hatred, be it class, sex, opportunity in life and are supporting much more in this hatred to justify other ways of thinking and acting.

Watching an interview with the candidate for the vice president of the Haddad, I noticed that she cannot have a conversational nexus between one situation and another. There is so much hatred in speech imbued with extremely disjointed issues, placed in such a personal way that it seems to have hatred of humanity or anything contrary to her political reason. And I identify that behavior in a lot of people.

This campaign #elesim and #elenão, i'll do that or i'll do it, it's exhausting. I've seen people putting up posters written "i'll never be macho" in the hands of Boys. What does a child know about this? today, man and woman are able to take care of a family alone. My son is 12 years old and I created him without the help of anyone, absolutely alone, nor my family so little of his mother. Always me and him the whole life. On the contrary, what some people might do to hinder did, but he is there, Super well, healthy, with a balanced emotional, and a sweet and affectionate boy and just as an unmarried woman has full capacity to do, and also in several other respects , whether in the social and business part. We just want to, and put the prejudice Aside.

* Daniel Toledo is a single father, a lawyer specializing in international law, business consultant and founding partner of Loyalty Miami. For more information, visit: Http://www.loyalty.miami or contact us by email @ loyalty. Miami. Toledo also has a YouTube channel with more than 55000 followers Https://www.youtube.com/loyaltymiamiusa with tips for those who want to live, work or undertake in the United States. The company is now headquartered in Portugal and Spain.



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