U.S.: 1st month as oil exporter in 70 years

The United States announced its first full month as a net exporter of oil and derivatives since 1949, when government records began to be accounted for. Also according to information from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Americans exported 89,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) more than in September.

While the U.S. previously reported net exports weekly, the figures published last Friday (29) represent a important milestone that few would have predicted only a decade ago, before from the beginning of the shale boom. For U.S. President Donald Trump, the country is gradually distancing itself from dependence on foreign oil.

Despite the signs of the rise of American independence, on the other hand, the United States continues to export heavy oil from other countries to meet the needs of their refineries and to buy refined products from foreign suppliers when they are available to a lower cost.

One of the main factors in the current U.S. scenario is the increasing production of shale deposits led by the Permian Basin of the west Of Texas and New Mexico. However, the export status of americans may be transient since there is strong speculation of a accelerated decline in production growth next year.


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