U.S. wants to help Brazil reformat auctions

"We saw what happened at the last auction, with the blocks. We understand, I believe quite clearly, why some investors may have preferred to stay out," said Dan Brouillette, secretary u.S. Energy In an interview last Sunday (2). After the megaauction of exploratory rights have frustrated expectations, the U.S. government said that is willing to help Brazil reformulate the auctions.

In the last clash, the Brazilian government tried to sell four offshore areas of oil production in bidding. The expectation would be raise 106.5 billion reais, but only two of the areas attracted offers and both consortia led by Petrobras.

"We are ready to help, if you wish or need, in formatting new auctions that may have more results consistent with the wishes of the Brazilian government," Brouillette added. The secretary is on an official visit to Brazil to celebrate a collaboration in nuclear energy.


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