Use of solar energy grows among Brazilians

It is already known that the use of photovoltaic solar energy in Brazil has grown in recent times. A survey by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) showed that the use of solar energy has increased by about 161% in the country in the last two years.

Among the reasons for this transition is the reduction in electricity bills and the prevention of the environment. However, there are other advantageous factors that increasingly influence the use of this type of energy. Check below:

– Helps preserve the environment, even more in the face of a decrease in the use of conventional sources (hydropower, natural gas, coal, petroleum products, nuclear energy);– Reduc
es the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2)– Reduces elec
tricity bills by about 90%;– It can be installed i
n homes, shops and industries;– Installation can b
e on roofs , facades, on the ground and in the water;– The r
eturn on investment in the form of savings in the electricity bill is five years;–
The system has low maintenance, just do a cleaning two or three times a year;– T
he amount of modules can vary, depending on the size of the enterprise, which can be a bakery, inn, gym or even large industries , for example;– The installed equi
pment lasts up to 25 years;– Generates
employment and income. 


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