Hybrid and electric vehicles are Ford bets

Ford is working to launch another brand novelty in the automotive market, which predicts the 100% electric version of two of its best-selling pick-ups, the F-150 and the Super Duty, plus a crossover inspired by the Ford Mustang, including the hybrid version of Model.

Until the next decade, the F-150 will add to its line a hybrid version with the aim of capturing the looks of those who wish to initiate their particular transition to electric mobility. According to the company's president, Jim Farley, Ford intends to launch an even greater innovation for the pick-up.

The American manufacturer analyzes that in a few years, brands like Tesla and Rivian, will put on sale their own pick-ups. Thinking about it, Ford wants to be ready to compete and meet the market offer.

Without assertive statements from the company, the prediction is that the hybrid version of F-150 arrives at the market in 2020. Your production will be in Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to the development of new models, Ford also intends to electrify its current product line, adding to each of them different options with plug-in hybrid versions and 100% electrical alternatives.

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