Oil for sale abroad boosted in January

The sale of the Brazilian oil comes giving a positive twist, a fact that demonstrates the increasing interest of foreign companies in our product. A proof of that was the result of data provided by the Ministry of foreign trade (Secex), showing a rise of 42% on exports of oil from Brazil only in the first month of 2017.

This percentage generated 5,566,000 tons exported more than in the same period to 2016. Revenues from sales, not surprisingly, also gave a giant size going to 1.764 billion, more than double the previous year.

The Panorama Offshore comes in recent times reporting the interest of refineries and foreign companies in the "black gold". On 1 February, with exclusivity talked about the growing demand of the Americans, of the East coast of the United States, at Brazil's oil. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (IEA) and Reuters, exports to the country is expected to reach 86000 bdp, which suggests 2,400,000 barrels. What, no doubt, further alavancará the development of overseas sales.

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