Sale of the Baúna fields and green turtle is suspended

By decision of the Judge of the first Federal Court of Aracaju, Dr. Telma Maria Santos Machado, through an injunction, the sale process of the Baúna fields and green turtle, located in the Santos basin and, respectively, was suspended.

The injunction was granted in proceedings filed by the lawyer of the Sindipetro AL/SE, Raquel de Oliveira Sousa, and had brought on grounds of the illegality committed by the company to make the sale without bidding.

In addition to this, were filed lawsuits against the sale of land fields of Sergipe, Ceara, Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and Espirito Santo, against the sale of shallow water fields and plants them integrated into Sergipe and Ceará, as well as against the sale of BR Distribuidora and the Liquigas-Doimo, all waiting for examination of the application for injunction.


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