Venezuela denies oil spill authorship

On this last Thursday (10), the government of Venezuela denied That the country is responsible for oil leakage in the northeast beaches, after The environment minister, Ricardo Salles, say that the oil stains Would probably be related to product coming from the country.

In a statement, the Petroleum ministry and the Venezuelan state-owned company The PDVSA, claimed that in addition to having received no account of customers or Subsidiaries on leaks near Brazil, the stains were located at About 6,650 kilometers of its infrastructure and there is no evidence of That may be causing damage to the country’s marine ecosystem.

The investigation is being conducted by the Brazilian Navy and Federal police, with the support of Petrobras. The main hypotheses are: cleaning Illegal ship, shipwreck, accidental leakage and criminal action.

Around 16 HS, Salles repunched the information and reinforced Analysis carried out by Petrobras confirms the origin of the oil, but not means that material has been leaked from oil wells in the neighboring country or that A Venezuelan vessel dumped the oil on the Brazilian coast.


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