Venezuela: Chevron is licensed until October

The United States Government, Donald Trump, extended until October a license to allow Chevron to continue operating in Venezuela. With this, he won the argument of administration officials that the absence of the company in Venezuelan soil would leave US energy companies at a disadvantage, without signifying a significant advance to Washington's goal of overthrowing the President Venezuelan, Nicolás Maduro.

The license whereby Chevron and several oil Field service companies can continue to operate in the country would expire on Saturday. This generated debate over whether the U.S. government would extend the permission, according to sources linked to the matter.

After an internal debate, the US government finally decided to allow Chevron to follow in Venezuela, where it has been operating for almost a century, until October 25th. The license could still be extended at other times, later on. Chevron was asking to continue in the country, saying that there is "a constructive presence" in the words of a spokesman. This Friday, the company said its operations in Venezuela "continue to comply with all applicable laws and regulations".

The U.S. has punished with sanctions the oil sector of Venezuela, with the production of the country falling from almost 50% since January, to an estimated level of 690,000 barrels per day, according to the Department of Energy (DoE). President Donald Trump's government presses for the fall of Maduro amid the severe humanitarian and economic crisis of the Latin American nation.

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