Venezuelan ship with 1.4 mi barrels may sink

According to photos and information from Reuters, the Venezuelan ship Nabarima is tilted and progressively sinking into the waters of the Gulf of Paria, located between the coast of Venezuela and the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Environmental groups worry about a possible spill of 1.4 million barrels of oil that are on board the vessel. 

The causes and size of the ship's poor condition, which is 264 meters long, is still unknown. However, as reported by argentine newspaper Clarín, if the vessel is not reparator, it could sink and trigger a gigantic environmental disaster. 

The ship was docked in the Gulf of Paria with the aim of acting in the export of Venezuelan oil, but was inactive after the recent collapse in global demand for the commodity due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. 

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters that to prevent the disaster, PDVSA plans to transfer some of Nabarima's crude oil to the Icaro oil tanker through a ship-to-ship operation called the STS .


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