Were arrematados 12 blocks of oil in the state of the river

In the 15th round of bids of the ANP, held this Thursday (29/03) in Rio de Janeiro, were arrematados 12 blocks in the state of Rio de Janeiro, being three in the basin of Santos and nine in the basin of Campos. The total signing bonus collected with the concession of these blocks was approximately R $7.85 billion. The minimum investment envisaged for the state is about R $946.5 million

In the 15th round, nine blocks were offered in the Campos Basin and six blocks in the Santos Basin, all located on the coast of RJ. The basins of Campos and Santos are the main producers of oil and natural gas in the country and respond for almost all of the oil produced in the country.

The state of Rio de Janeiro is currently the largest producer of oil and gas in Brazil. In January 2018, the state produced 1.8 million barrels of oil per day, equivalent to 69% of national production, and 54.1 million cubic meters of natural gas, which corresponds to 48% of Brazilian production. Rio de Janeiro has 37 producer fields, distributed in the basins of Campos and Santos.

In all, in the 15th round of bids, 68 blocks are offered in 12 sectors of seven sedimentary basins. Source: ANP


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