What you need to know before renting a property in Miami

by Daniel Toledo *

A lot of people have thought of coming to Miami, more precisely south, simply because the city does not stop growing. Surrounded by luxury condominiums, resorts, sports complexes and cultural spaces, the region is covered by the enormous amount of financial resources injected over the years. And according to recent research, this is not going to stop.

Canadians flee the winter in the state of Florida, as well as some of the Europeans, who come to bask in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea… and the pleasant temperatures remain the whole year.

Some people do not want to just spend a season, but rather to change, as with many Brazilians. Usually, they are people who have family and so they can't come anyway, we need to plan each step. Depending on the area of action, the branch of activity that will be constituted on American soil, or even the profile of stakeholders, I nominate Orlando, or a slightly larger city like Tampa, Jackson, West Palm that is already growing a lot, or the West coast of Florida In Clearwater, St. Petersburg.

But regardless of these factors, you have to do what you like allied with an effective structured business. Running as expected, it's time to think about the visa. The path should never be the opposite, because otherwise, it's 100% chance of going wrong, and jeopardizing the whole investment.

To avoid any disorder, the partnership with a consultancy can facilitate the whole process and make the change more practical and less traumatic. A professional who acts in this segment can draw future scenarios, taking into account values, financial availability, local, school. He has the ability to see the puzzle mounted, avoiding unnecessary spending.

It is very common for people to arrive in the country thinking that the first thing they need is a car, a cell phone or a bank account. Not exactly, the primary is the housing, without it, has no way to have access to banking services, since it is requested a fixed address as proof of residence. The same occurs in the act of making a school enrollment. This situation has become frequent after the pose of President Trump.

Another very common mistake of who comes here is to opt for places where the costs of housing, market, are more in account. If you settle in a region like this, you will run the risk of having a very low average ticket in your business, that is, many sales and low profit. Therefore, the ideal is to seek a better area like North Miami Beach which is more elite and, allied to a professional orientation, to make strategically feasible the marketing of the product or service. Who does not conduct the process in this way and thinks they can start at one point and then move on, loses even more money.

Real estate in Fort Lauderdale, using the Biscayne as a parameter and the beach coast, without furniture, but reformed, current with stainless and porcelain kitchen located and a safe area, with buildings with an excellent leisure structure, wonderful views, close to Shopping malls, casinos, golf courses, Texas Steakhouse of Brazil, some facing the sea to Yuca Coast, there are great options with two and three dormitories ranging from 1,800 to 2,500 dollars.

Before, this value was even higher, but now we are in a balancing phase that grows parallel to the increase in demand. This is very positive because in addition to warming up the local economy, it serves as a motivation for old and hitherto unattractive property owners to make improvements in their assets. This propels the city as a whole, because once renewed, they establish themselves in the same pattern in relation to the new ones being deployed.


But for the new tenant to be able to rent this property, like anywhere else in the world, it will be necessary to pay the first rent. Depending on the credit and profile analysis, you will have to make the security deposit and the second rent. Different from Orlando, in which the foreigner already pays almost two or three rentals, and there are managers requesting up to six deposits or even an early year. This is because, unfortunately, some projects because they are not executed in the right way, do not work to make the family return to the country of origin, abandoning everything. There are also cases of misuse of the property. I once stumbled across an apartment with six bunk beds inside a room.

In addition to the cost of the rent, it is necessary to add the value of the insurance if it occurs flood or any other type of damage, which means a value between 150 to 250 dollars a year. So let's have the 1800 times three, which will give 5400 with more the 200 of the insurance, coming to 5,600. Add to that also the activation of the energy, which can be up to 300 dollars. Easily, we arrived at 5,800 dollars, ie approximately R $19,140.00. They are included in this water value, garbage rate, tax and in some cases, internet and cable TV. Are you taking the dog or the cat? You have the pet fee, another fee. It also has the real estate application that usually revolves between 100 and 150 dollars per person.

But let's say you don't have everything you want in your house yet. You will have to face the same procedure as the deposit insurance, until you have the social with credit score, which is nothing more than the result of the analysis of your financial history and that will take into account the loans, financing, cards, punctuality In the payments. Only after three years is it possible to have a score without it, the future buyer will have to sour high interest and give 50% entry in any acquisition and will have to show in Brazil that has a heritage.

It is worth remembering that conquering social security is not a guarantee that you will buy the car you want and pay 1.99% interest per year.

When the calculation of the spending on housing is closed, remembering that the account already borders the 7000 dollars, which means more than R $20000 reais, you need to think about where your business or company will run and take into consideration the purchase of furniture , telephone, hiring staff. There are a number of things that need to be aligned with financial planning.

Often, Brazilians believe that when they arrive in Miami they can buy cars, finance bikes at a low cost and the reality is quite different. Everything must be planned, widely talked about and discussed with the help of an expert so that the dream does not become a nightmare.

* Daniel Toledo is a law degree from Universidade Paulista and founding partner of Loyalty Consultoria, specialized in international law. For more information, go to: https://www.loyalty.miami/inicio.html.


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