Wind turbine in Santa Catarina is the new bet of wind energy

Brazil, which is the leader in the wind energy ranking in Latin America, will now have an aerogenerator developed in from July. According to the WEG industry, the generator, which in the city of Tubarão, in Santa Catarina, has the capacity to distribute about 10,000 homes.

Although it is not known when it will be linked to the SIN (National Interconnected System), expectations are high as it will bring environmental and socioeconomic benefits. In addition to being the cheapest energy, wind power generation does not depend on fuels and other activities may be developed on site. A region that has wind farms benefits with job offers and regional economic development.

Interest from foreign companies has been growing and this further increases expectations regarding the economic impacts that this energy can bring. In March of this year, the GWEC (Global Council of Wind Energy) indicated Brazil as a leader in the wind sector for the next responsible for much of its expansion by 2025.

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