With the participation of Governor Witzel, CWC World Gas fires off Rio

The CWC World Gas and Power Series: Brazil & The Americas Summit fires from Rio de Janeiro with a goal achieved within the rewarming market. The schedule in three days (May 20 to 22) of the event held at the Belmond Copacabana Palace was conraced, as expected, bringing together the main participants of the gas and LNG chain of Brazil and the Americas.

Since the announcement of the CWC here in Brazil, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, already pointed the state as responsible for more than 70% of the oil production and more than 50% of the gas explored in the national territory.

One of the most anticipated lecturers among the leading names of the P&G sector in Brazil and the Americas, Witzel stated the opportunities still for this year confirming the letter of guarantee of bids from the surplus of the onerous assignment, the round of sharing of the pre-salt and the Concession schemes.

The governor has listed the bidding schedules for the next two years, predicting the value of funding for the state of Rio de Janeiro of up to 450 billion dollars, confirming to the oil and gas companies that "here will have guarantees in a healthy environment of Business ".

Considered one of the main encounters in the country in contacts, business and essential updates on gas and LNG emerging from the new international ' came ' of negotiations and effective alternative as clean energy, now the CWC World Gas and power Series the door in Asia of June 24th to 28th in Singapore, the main gas and LNG Mall in the region.

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