With oil falling, Brazil should produce more sugar

Last Monday (9), Ricardo Mussa, who will assume the presidency of Raízen from April, said that the drop in oil prices should accelerate the process of change in the production mix of Brazilian sugarcane mills, causing them to exchange sugar for Ethanol. 

For the executive, sugar processing is expected to grow between 3 million and 6 million tons in Brazil during the 2020/21 harvest, which begins in April. ” (In the company) there was already the intention to increase sugar production this year and the decline in oil accelerates this direction (of the mills),” Mussa told reporters. 

For Marcos Lutz, president of Cosan, which shares control of Raízen with Shell, there will be no structural change in the company. He also said that the group had an important efficiency gain due to the appreciation of the dollar, which increases the attractiveness of exports.


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