With strike, oil tankers already have discounted salaries

According to an internal Petrobras document seen by the Reuters, the state-owned company has already applied the first pay discount to workers strikers in the advance of the 10th. The next payment, on the 21st, should have a new discount of the days that have not been worked.

"If the employee returns to his or her job, the company will make an adjustment paycheck at the first possible opportunity to pay the days worked from the return," said the company, which explained the cause of the discounts: "as we have already informed, the discount will be made because there was no consideration of the service, i.e. employees did not carry out the work for which they are hired."

According to the state, the units are operating in security, with reinforcement of contingency teams and the strike still did not affect production. Product deliveries to the market also remain normal.

The movement of the tanker strike began on the 1st of february, against layoffs at a Petrobras fertilizer plant, located in Paraná, and continues to happen. There are already 102 units involved in the movement in 13 states, and with more than 20,000 employees mobilized.