XS has Gas flame sensor that prevents explosions

Accidents involving explosions in industry are more common than you think, but the topic is little discussed in Brazil. Cases like these have serious consequences such as the loss of human lives, material damage and the environment. The lack of protection and negligence of managers, can be pointed to as the main causes of the tragedies that involve explosions and fires.

Indispensable item in control of these events, the flame presence sensor, used in several types of burners, can save lives.

This sensor is part of the safety circuit of industrial furnaces and boilers, your primary function is to indicate the presence of flames in the equipment, if they turn off, the sensor sends an electrical signal to the central controller that operates the fuel valves and this is cut immediately. This action is essential to avoid accidents, since after the extinction, the accumulation of fuel can generate an explosion.

Flame sensors with optical readers can be used in gas burners, light or heavy oils, coal, or any other fuel with flames emitting ultraviolet stable. The XS Gas offers a full range of industries by ensuring quality and safety sensors.

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