The Ministry of energy and mining of the State of Sao Paulo announced on Thursday, Dec. 15, the Executive summary of oil and Natural gas that points the city had a 15.4% growth in production of oil and natural gas in September, compared to the previous month.

The record of the State was totaled in 432,400 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), an increase of 57700 boe/d between August and September. Natural gas production in September was $18,500,000 cubic meters per day (m ³/d), corresponding to 16.7% of the national production.

Of the total production in the Santos basin, 110,300 boe/d are extracted in the post-salt and pre-salt 322,100 boe/d. The fields of Baúna, Mussels and Sapinhoá marked 98.5% of production in the State, being the last accountable by 74.5% of all production.


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