Petrobras gets license to operate in the prospectus of Libra

Ibama said that issued the license of operation that allows Petrobras to start the test (TLD) through the ship-Pound platform, in the Santos basin. The test is performed with the purpose of observing the behavior of the reservoir during the draining of oil reservoirs.

According to Ibama, the licence issued for the operation restrictions 32 sets out the undertaking. Among them, beaches, monitoring projects of aquatic mammals and of impacts on birds in the Santos basin. Ibama also determined the development of a project to control pollution.

The Libra field has estimated production to 30000 test barrels of oil per day. The partnership of the area is formed by Petrobras (operator with 40%), Shell (20%), Total (20%), CNPC (10%) and CNOOC Limited (10%), as Manager of the production sharing agreement the pre-salt Oil S.A. (PPSA).

According to state information, the company plans to generate about R $31 billion reais for the Union, between 2020 and 2025, with production in the area of Libra. However, due to a problem in the installation of equipment at the start of the operation platform for testing, which was initially planned for this month of July, is now no date set to begin the work.

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