The world's yaw in search of clean energy 

In 2019, according to data released by the Time, England had more electricity from renewable sources (solar, wind and water) than from petroleum products. In addition, in April last year, in the United States, the generation by clean sources surpassed that of coal. Fact is that market law is moving more and more along with green energy.

Another case is Brazil, which is an extensive country with a high solar incidence, has a new energy matrix coming into force, much greener and more flexible. That is, what can be observed is a growing demand for clean energy and beyond all this inclination of the public and the market, governments around the world are also creating policies to accelerate the production of this type of energy. 

An example of this is the liquid energy measurement system, which takes place in the United States. The consumer can provide a surplus energy to a solar panel installed in their home for the electrical system. In return, you receive a discount on your electricity bill. 

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlighted Germany’s plan to transform the country’s energy system into a more efficient system, supplied primarily by renewable energy. The country’s goal is to phase out electricity generation from nuclear power by the end of 2022. More recently, the government announced plans for the gradual elimination of coal by the end of 2038.


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