Energy alternatives made by Renovabio program

At the end of 2016, the Ministry of Mines and Energy launched the program called Renovabio, with the objective of stimulating the production of biofuels in the country and which presents proposals for structural changes widely discussed with agents of the sector. Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), which has the Department of Energy, contacted more than 50 agents in the sector (government representatives, business associations, companies, consultancies, academia and others), of which most consider that the goals assumed are And that the RENOVABIO programme will contribute to the resumption of investments.

It can be affirmed that the commitments derived from the 21st climate Conference (COP 21) held in December 2015 in Paris, and aimed to structure a new agreement between countries to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, decreasing global warming and As a consequence limit the increase of the global temperature to 2 º C to 2100.

From COP 21 They create conditions for recognizing the importance of biofuels in the energy matrix, mainly because it deals with dominated technologies and with the ability to deliver short-term results, as well as environmental benefits of Greater adoption of biofuels, highlighting the importance that this sector may have for the resumption of economic growth, generating jobs within the country and contributing to reduce the deficit of the trade balance, with the substitution of import of fuels.

Considering the opportunities created by the commitments made in the Paris agreement and the new regulation proposed by Renovabio and its implications in the production of biofuels in Brazil, a publication of FGV, called FGV Energia, launched in September Of 2017, presents a proposal of renovabio in detail, addressing the concepts that support it, the functioning mechanism and the role of the agents involved. And it dedicates to deep studies dedicated to ethanol and biodiesel, respectively, containing, in addition to an initial description of the characteristics and specifications of the biofuel, analyses related to the items regulation, market, productivity and Sector perspectives.

Also in the Revista FGV Energia points out the new biofuels: the biokerosene of aviation, the biogas/biomethane and the hydrotreated Vegetable oil (HVO) and also outlines an overview of the current situation of the sector, pointing out the main obstacles to its growth and the Prospects for resumption of investments.

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