Aneel: Yellow tariff flag in October

According to the National Electric Power Agency (Aneel), the tariff flag in October will be yellow, with a cost of R $1.50 For each 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed, a relief to the pocket of the Consumer. That's because it was the red flag that vigored in the months of August And September, with a rate of R $4.00 every 100 kWh consumed.

The reason for the fall in the energy tariff would be the transition from Dry period to the damp with the spring entrance. In this way, the forecast For the month signals the flow of several tributaries to the main Reservoirs – that is, increasing rainfall in this period will increase the level of With hydroelectric potential, cheaping the cost of energy production Electric.

This scenario also led to the reduction of costs related to The hydrological Risk (GSF), even with the perspective of the Energy Price (PLD-settlement price of differences) stay in Stable landing. PLD and GSF are the two variables that determine the color Of the flag to be triggered.

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