ANP defines 15th round and offers 70 blocks

In the 15th round of bids still no place set for public audience by ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) proposes 70 blocks of exploratory oil and gas areas, scheduled for March 2018, and these areas will have ' minimum ' subscription bonuses Sum of R $4.8 billion, including an area in the Santos Basin, offered by almost r $2 billion.

The information of the Pré-editais of the round published yesterday (7/12) by the ANP, pointed out that the blocks will be offered in the maritime sedimentary basins of Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe, Alagoas, Campos and Santos and in the land basins of the state of Paraná and Parana, as the Panorama has already reported. Offshore.

If all the blocks are arrematados without goodwill, the bonus collected by the government with the 15th round, concession regime, is close to the R $4.65 billion stipulated for the pre-salt auction of 2018, still under sharing, with fixed subscription bonuses.

The amount for the 15th round is far superior to the 14th round (70 blocks) of September this year, of R $1.69 billion reais for more than four times more blocks-are 287 offered blocks. The relevant difference can be explained by two blocks that will be offered in the Santos Basin: one with a minimum bonus of R $1.9 billion and another with a minimum bonus of R $1.65 billion.

Another six blocks will be offered in the Santos basin with minimal bonuses between R $21,337,000 and R $46 million. In the Campos Basin, the oldest in Brazil, there will be nine blocks with bonuses ranging from R $28,249,000 to R $412,850,000. The signing bonus is the main criterion to be taken into consideration for the choice of bidding winners. And the public hearing on the subject was scheduled for December 21, without a location yet defined by the ANP.


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