ANP signs agreement with Sefaz-BA

Aurélio Amaral, director of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Francisco Nélson Castro Neves, Superintendent of supply control of the ANP, with the Secretary of the Treasury of the state of Bahia, Manoel Vitório, signed last Friday (20), a Agreement of technical and Operational cooperation that provides for the exchange of information and the immediate communication of Sefaz-BA with the ANP, in case of irregular situations of companies registered with the two institutions.

The partnership also addresses the technical and operational cooperation for monitoring the supply of fuels, the implementation of information exchange systems and the georeferation of companies in the sector.

For director Aurélio Amaral, the approximation of the two organs is essential. "The covenant is important because it approximates the two institutions to act together and with greater agility in the fight against evasion," he said.

The ANP took advantage to conclude the partnership with other institutions, such as PROCON Alagoas, the secretariat of the State of finance of Rio de Janeiro, the public Ministries of States and the Federal district, among other organs.

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