Royalty collection about 40% in January

The royalty collection on oil and gas production began 2018 with a high of 40% in January, before the same month as last year. According to data from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the activities of the oil industry generated revenues of R $1.553 billion for States, municipalities and the Union, last month.

The states have collected, altogether, R $440 million, which represents an increase of 38% in front of January last year. In Rio de Janeiro, there was a growth of 45.5% in revenues, for R $278 million. Already the collection of municipalities rose 40.9%, to r $534 million, while the union stayed with R $441 million (40%).

The increase in revenue reflects, above all, the appreciation of oil prices earlier this year. According to ANP, Brent's quote rose 38%, for an average of US $62.62 in January. For the purposes of comparison, at the beginning of last year the barrel was traded at US $45.

The expectation is that royalty revenues keep the growth trajectory started in 2017. Last year, there was a high of 71% in the storeroom, for R $30.47 billion, including special holdings, and that interrupted a sequence of three consecutive years of falling.

According to projections of the Brazilian Infrastructure Center (CBIE), the revenue of the royalties and special shareholdings must rise 20% this year, for R $36.47 billion. The estimates take into account a more favorable scenario in the prices of the barrel in the international market and the expectation of growth in the national production. Source.


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