Signed contracts for the last pre-salt auctions

A total of R $3.8 billion was collected with the signature, on Monday, 29 January, of 32 contracts for the concession of the arrematados blocks in the auctions of the 14th round of bids, held last September. R $3.6 billion of this total were paid by the Petrobras Consortium and Exxon, which arremataramed six blocks in the Campos basin.

14 companies signed the 32 concession contracts involving a minimum investment by the companies of about R $845 million only in the first phase of the contract (exploitation phase). Three companies did not sign contracts for different issues. One of them was not qualified by the Special Bidding Committee (CEL) for failure to comply with the requirements of section 7 of the edict, but it is expected that the documents will be signed by all companies.

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