At least one auction may be postponed, says director of ANP

According to the director of the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and biofuels), Décio Oddone, the Government should assess the possibility of postponing at least one of the three oil auctions planned to happen later this year in order to avoid the overhead of Companies interested in competition.

The auctions are scheduled for October 10th, for the 6th round of concessions that includes 36 blocks outside the pre-salt polygon; 28 October, with surplus of the onerous assignment; and November 7, with five pre-salt areas. The estimate is that 45 areas are bidding in total.

According to Oddone, there is still no definition of the postponement, which depends on the endorsement of the pre-salt megaleilão, and also suggested that, if necessary, the Government chooses to postpone the 16th round of concessions. "But the decision is the CNPE (National Energy Policy Council)," he said.

The Director also said that the 16th round of concessions and the 6th pre-salt auction are possibly the "most attractive" bids that the ANP has already elaborated. The expectation is that the agency also launches a five-year calendar of auctions with two rounds per annum from 2020.

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