Amid criticism and praise, Petrobras continues to grow

To the same extent that Petrobras constantly receives criticism and is tied to some dissatisfaction, its development and position in the market grow together, creating a fine line between the role of the state-owned company as a hero or national villain.

Recently, with the steady rise in the price of gasoline, many consumers have sought to better understand the factors that would have led to such a large increase in the value of fuel. The state, in turn, was cited as one of those responsible for the problem, taking into account its monopoly.

In contrast, the company is going through a moment of profits on the rise and sees its development increasing. From December last year to the end of July this year, the company registered about 79,000 new individual investors and 11% growth, which according to Petrobras means that it is managing to carry out its work and demonstrating confidence for the market.

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