Bolsonaro says it will not increase Cide in gasoline

After Fecombustíveis sent a letter to President Jair Bolsonaro asking the government not to raise the Cide (Contribution of Intervention of Economic Domain) and not create an import fee for gasoline, Bolsonaro said last Thursday (7), that his policy "is not to increase tax". 

The president also said that several other industries are also suffering in the face of the crisis generated by the coronavirus. According to government data, the ethanol industry suffered a drop of about 50% in consumption in April.

Evandro Gussi, president of the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica), said: "this is not the answer we expected." "It is extremely worrying, the sector is increasingly on the verge of collapse. We see, on the other hand, that the president has not turned his back, this dialogue remains open, to find mechanisms to minimize the damage," Gussi said.

A possible increase in Cide or an import tax had already been causing concern for the sector. Last month, Petrobras President Roberto Castello Branco said the action could create technical problems for the production of other oil products in the country.


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