Pre-salt bonuses generate more than $10 bi to states

The Division of oil resources targeted at each State is the result of a major clash between the state stands. If the Senate approves the agreement made by governors, senators and deputies, the division Of the oil exploration signature bonus will yield more than R $10 Billion to states.

Minas Gerais will be the largest beneficiary of the resources, Receiving R $849 million. Then comes Mato Grosso, with R $665 million. In Other extreme, Santa Catarina will have the smallest slice, of R $189 million, in addition Of the Federal district, which will take R $64 million.

At the outset, the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 98/2019 States and municipalities would receive resources according to the criteria of the State Participation Fund and the Municipalities Participation Fund (FPE/FPM), however, this agreement only pleased the most disadvantaged states.

The richest and most populous states with the highest number MEPs struggled to overthrow the PEF criterion on behalf of one who take in Also counts the losses due to the non-collection of ICMS in exports.

The result was then the PL 5478/2019, which divides the R $ 10.9 billion in three parts, placing two-thirds in the PEF criterion and a Third in the criterion of repositions for losses of the Kandir law. The first criterion The poorest states, the second, the exporters, and therefore, the Richer.


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