Canister has a new readjustment and gets even more expensive

It won't just be the drivers who will be the new increases in gasoline this month of September, the Pocket will be heavier too for those using the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for residential use, the famous cooking gas. Petrobras adjusted the product price in 12.2%, for up to 13-pound canisters and the increase began to take effect on Wednesday, 6.

The external scenario of low stocks, reflections of Harvey storm weather events in the town of Houton, Texas, largest producer of product, are some of the reasons, according to Petrobras, to the huge rise in the price of LPG. The State reported that with the arrival of the hurricane, the American Gulf terminals were impacted and were out of operation, promoting lower gas availability and increase in consumer markets.

The announced adjustment was applied on the prices without any incidence of taxes. And if passed on in full to consumers, the estimated price of the cylinder can be high in average R $2.44 per unit, that if they kept the distribution and resale margins and tax rates.

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