BP insists on pre-salt exploration

Two years after joining Petrobras and CNPC (corporate National petroleum Industry) to Win two groups in the Peroba deep-water Block auction, BP (British Petroleum) has not yet succeeded in the exploration of pre-salt.

According to data disclosed by the ANP (National agency of the Oil, Natural gas and biofuels), the foreign company has not yet Found the type of hydrocarbon expected. In addition, the first well, which usually Costs between US $90 to US $150 million for drilling, found only dioxide Carbon and natural gas.

What makes the picture even more worrying is that, Probably the Peroba will not bring profit, since natural gas fields are not profitable in deep waters of Brazil, because there are no pipelines Enough to bring the molecules to consumers ashore.

Although still studying the area and not having given up Of the pre-salt, which indicates, the company has new plans, with a strategy Wider. In July, the ANP approved An exploration plan for Pau Brazil, a pre-salt block that the company Acquired in 2018, where it controls operations.

BP also has holdings in 25 blocks of the country and operates 6 of them, according to the company's website, and Brazil has 3 more rounds of auctions for deep water scheduled for this year, and one offers access to proven reserves.

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