Brazil could start exploration in mineral reserves of shale

A pilot project of exploitation of unconventional oil and gas of the Ministry of mines and energy must be released soon in the northeastern region of the country. The details of the project that aims to extract, in a controlled manner, the mineral reserves of shale-translation of shale oil and shale gas in the Recôncavo and Parnaiba basin, should be disclosed in the 28 day of novembro01.

For oil extraction, should be used a technology known as fracking, a technique that has been widely used in the United States, but is currently prohibited. This is because according to environmentalists, are used large amounts of water with solvent to the rocks where are the oil and gas and, after the fragmentation, the tailings that are left on the ground can contaminate the ground water hoisting ropes carefully. However, Decius Oddone, President of ANP, believes the project has great potential to generate investments.

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