Brazil discusses increasing exploration area in ZEE

Since 2004, the country has been studying with the UN the possibility of increasing its exploratory area by more than 1 million square kilometers. The blue Amazon comprises a series of oceanic spaces and riches defined by the Brazilian Navy at the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (CNDM) in force since 1994.

A part of it is inserted in the exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE), which consists of a maritime space bounded beyond the territory of each country. Since 2004, Brazil has been discussing with the UN the possibility of increasing its territory in the ZEE to 4.5 million of square kilometers to be explored. Currently, the country has an area of 3.6 million square kilometers.

These oceanic areas Harbor great natural resources such as oil, oil and gas, as well as being a potential job generator. Thus, it is of great interest for the Brazilian government to auction new oil and gas frontiers to increase its profit area.

Despite the potential economic growth that can be generated, scholars argue about the issue of harnessing natural riches in contrast to environmental contamination. Thus, the final questioning in relation to the movement of the Brazilian exploration area would be: Is it possible for Brazil to increase exploitation in the EEZ without causing major environmental impacts?

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