Brazil had a fall in oil production

The national oil production declined in the month of July to 2,572,000 barrels/day, with a variation of-0.68% compared with June, when it was produced about 2,589,000 barrels/day. The Santos basin almost beat the record in July, with 1,298,413 barrels/day of oil, but the results were not satisfactory to be able to alleviate the loss of other basins, mainly of fields.

Compared to the month of June, the Santos Basin produced 2.35% more oil, rising to 1,289,000 barrels a day. Already the De Campos, had its production smaller with about 3.75% passing to 1,128,000 barrels per day, resulting in the loss of 44000 barrels/day. The sum of the other basins also fell 2.42% to 145,000 barrels/day.

Already the field of Mero, located in the pound block maintained its productivity in high, with the production of 38000 barrels/day. The Atlanta field, which already has three months of operation and is the first project carried out by Queiroz Galvão (QGEP), generated 13000 barrels/day, with a high of 5.3%.

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