Sergipe can win new refinery

Brazil can win a new refinery in Sergipe, the Brazilian Noxis Energy. If the model works, the project can be replicated in three more states, probably Espírito Santo, Maranhão and Amapá, informed the Estadão/Broadcast one of the leaders of the venture, Luiz Armando Vasconcelos.

The project brings to Brazil the concept of mini bunker refineries (ship fuel) with low sulphur content for export that will be mandatory for use from January. Petrobrás already produces the new fuel and made the first delivery in July. Still in the fundraising phase, the project is estimated at US $450 million (R $1.8 billion).

Noxis expects to obtain the previous license until next week, according to Vasconcelos, who has worked in the past in the problematic Manguinhos, one of the few private refineries in the country and that changed his name to Refit. The Noxis plan is to start with a refinery with capacity to process 25000 barrels of imported oil daily, with production divided into bunker (50%), diesel (40%) And the rest of gasoline. If the business model works, three other units can be built, totaling US $1.8 billion (R $7.2 billion) in investments.

The opening of other new refineries in the country, however, should still take place, said the professor of the energy Economics group at UFRJ Edmar Almeida, who sees with good eyes the initiative of Noxis. "The margin of the bunker is higher, mainly because there was no time for the refining industry to adapt to the new rules," he says. According to Almeida, there is room for new refineries in Brazil. Petrobrás herself had plans to open two, in Maranhão and Ceará-projects that did not go ahead. "The margin of refining depends heavily on logistics. In the Midwest and the North, for example, it has demand growth, but they are projects of high cost, "he says. Petrobrás had announced the sale of eight refineries, but officialized the sale of four initially. For Almeida, only after the result of this process, the market must be excited to expand the oil processing in the country.

Private refining
Another private refinery, DaxOil, told Estadão/Broadcast, which has no interest in Petrobrás refineries. Installed in the Camaçari polo in Bahia, however, the company thinks of expanding the current volume of 5.5, 000 barrels daily.

"With the prospect of new auctions, the oil supply for DaxOil should increase, and we are thinking of expanding our production capacity," he said, without giving details. Refit, which has existed since 1954, produced in 2018 1 average volume of 47.4 million liters of gasoline A, which sold to regional distributors.

The company did not want to anticipate production plans, claiming to negotiate stock exchanges. The Riograndense refinery, in Rio Grande do Sul, with a capacity of 17000 barrels per day, preferred not to comment on the market prospects after the deinvestments of Petrobrás.

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