Drops the price of gasoline after Petrobras ad

As previously reported by Panorama Offshore, Petrobras announced on February 24, would reduce the price of gasoline on average in refineries by 5.4% and, according to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the adjustment already passed on to consumers deduced a little the price of gasoline at gas stations.

According to information released this week, the price of fuel was reduced by 0.45%, which made the average gasoline fall from R $ 3.749 to R $ 3.732. However, according to Petrobras, that price could be even lower since, according to the state if the adjustment would be fully passed on to consumers, the value would decrease of 2.3% or less R $ 0.09 per liter on average.

Petrobras has been practicing since last October a new policy sets the price of fuel through monthly meetings. The amount of gasoline and diesel has gone to float like a commodity in Brazil, reflecting international values, and exchange rate and competition from distributors market.


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