House approves new PL for natural gas sector

The Mine and Energy Commission of the House of Deputies approved on Tuesday (29) a new legal framework for the gas market in the Brazil. The text authorizes companies based in national territory to operate in the through an authorization from the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) and not by concession.

Currently, the company can only operate in the sector if it wins a anp auction. With the new bill (PL), the organization may present the project and wait for the approval of the agency. The change aims to unlock investments in the sector and accelerate the economy.

The services covered include transport, import, export, underground storage, packaging, run-off, treatment, liquefaction, regasification and construction activities, expansion of and operation of natural gas processing or treatment units.

Finally, the approved text states that it will be up to the ANP monitor the functioning of the natural gas market and adopt mechanisms for stimulating efficiency and competitiveness and reducing concentration in product offer.


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