Electric car becomes reality in Brazil

Car manufacturers are investing in a scenario that increasingly solidifies in the country: the use of electric cars. In November of last year, the São Paulo Auto Show 2018 was the venue for the announcement of some models that today are already on the streets of the city. In addition to facilitating the daily life of several people, these new technologies enable the reduction of pollutant gases in the atmosphere.

The Nissan Leaf, for example, stipulated today in 195,000 reais, is one of the bets on the market. The model is supplied by rechargeable batteries to electric power, eliminating the need for use of fossil fuels.

Fuels such as coal and petroleum originate from the Decomposition of organic residues and have negative aspects against the Sustainability. However, they are still widely used to move motors, heat materials and produce energy. In this way, the stake in the Electric models by the automobile market besides being a new way of Locomotion, is also a benefit to the environment.