Caixa will sell Petrobras assets for R $7.3 BI

Caixa Economica Federal has put on sale its participation of 3.2% in Petrobras valued at R $7.3 billion with the offer of sale of 241.3 million of common shares. The assets are offered in Brazil and abroad, in the form of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs, or receipts that correspond to shares traded in Brazil). On Thursday (27), the sales of the shares in the B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange) begin.

The shares obtained discount under the closing value of the papers on Tuesday (25), of R $30.70, becoming R $30.25. The high demand of foreign investors by the assets allowed the reduction in price to be less than the average of 4% recorded in the secondary offerings of Brazil in recent years, informs Reuters.

The operation was advised by the investment bank units of Caixa, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Bank Of America and XP Investimentos, still according to the agency. The offer of shares will be registered in the CVM and the SEC (regulatory body of capital markets in Brazil and the United States).

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