CI will debate José Serra's project

Next Tuesday (19), a hearing will be held at the Infrastructure Commission (IC) to discuss the project that allows the for the concession of oil exploration in pre-salt areas in situations in the the scheme is more advantageous for the country. In addition, it will establish the dispute on a level playing field in production-sharing bids, ending with Petrobras’ preference in the offers. 

The proposal is authored by José Serra (PSDB-SP), which explains that the pre-salt polygon has oil fields with geological potentials and some are of good productivity, while others are less Promising. According to the senator, the concession regime is more recommended to attract companies that will not make offers if the bid is in the production sharing.

The request to discuss PL 3.178/2019 invited the Deputy Secretary of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, João José Nora Souto, and the executive manager of Petrobras, Fernando Assumpção Borges, among others.


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