Climate change will affect energy production

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA, the acronym in increasing climate change will transform production energy across the globe. An example of this theory is the constant reduction of oil use and the increasing use of renewable energy.

IEA Chief Executive Fatih Birol said: “The world urgently needs to focus your attention, with the accuracy of a laser, on reducing planetary emissions. To do this, a grand coalition is needed between governments, investors, companies and all those who are engaged in the fight against climate change.” However, for him, feedback from governments and industry is not yet satisfactory.

The IEA also highlights the need to reduce emissions from the current energy system, largely structured by coal, extremely polluting fuel sedimentary rock. Birol even mentioned co2 emissions have reached very high levels in the last year. In addition recalled that it is necessary to contain the heating below 2°C, because only scenario will thus be compatible with the objectives proposed by the Paris.


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